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Welcome to Koyal Group Online


Welcome to Koyal Group Online, where equity research solutions are made reality.

Koyal Group was founded and established in Tokyo, Japan, in the year 2003 by a diverse group of financial professionals with a combined knowledge encompassing stock market investment and trading, compliance, accounting and legislation. Over the past 10 years Koyal Group has worked with some of the worlds largest corporations as well as a large number of high net worth individuals to achieve strong investment retruns in difficult market conditions.


Employment Opportunities

Koyal Group is and will ever remain an equal opportunities employer. We strive to achieve success, and feel that this is best achieved by not limiting ourselves by gender or race. Just as the most suitable investment may be found on any market, the most suitable candidates, may come from any walk of life.


Koyal Group is currently accepting applications for the position of Senior Portfolio Manager. If you feel you have what it takes to succeed in this challenging role, please send your CV to careers@koyalgroup.com



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We provide a premium research and support service to our clients, through utilisation of the latest technology combined with the skill and experience of our highly qualifed experts.

All our employees have more than 5 years direct experience in either stock market trading or anaysis, as this is a prerequisite for an interview at Koyal Group.

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Koyal Group is based in Tokyo, Japan, but maintains a global staff base. It is our desire to respect individuality and culture. We understand that it is not only our associates who are unique, but our clients too. This means we need to create an individually tailored plan specific to the needs of each and every client no matter the size of the portfolio.

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